Photo gallery from the mediterranean sea


Dec 17, 2003

I made a photo album of some cephalopods we meet during night dive near Nice in France. The introducing text is in french but I am sure you already know what it says (it is a gallery for non-divers with explanation of where the animals live). Enjoy :smile:

The adress is : ceph
Thanks for your comments :smile:

If some of you want "high-res" pics (1600x1200) from this album, keep me posted and I will put them somewhere on a website for download :wink:

Next dive is tonight, I hope to see some squids but I think they won't be difficult to find :mrgreen:
Les photos sont tres jolies!

Very impressive photos! I felt a great sense of awe while looking at these pictures. It reminded me of how moved I was as a little girl when watching tv programs about Jacques Cousteau's underwater adventures.

Can you tell us more about your diving experience? Are you a professional diver and photographer?

I have always wanted to learn how to scuba dive and your photos made me want to join a scuba class as soon as possible. I am looking into classes now. Thanks for the inspiration.
Thank you for your interests. It's a pleasure to see you like my pictures :notworth:

It's just a hobby for me. I am a recreationnal diver - just diving for fun :wink: - but I like underwater photography and videography ! :wink:

After squids this winter, it is now time for cuttle-fishes to come where I dive and after cuttle-fishes, we will see many octopuses !!! :biggrin2:

More photos to come... soon ! :biggrin2:
Just an old digicam Powershot A40 from Canon. Most of these pics were taken during night dives, some with an external strobe, the others with a 50W video light. :smile:

I have been very busy these last months so I didn't find enough time for some night dives but this is now a matter of days until next one with some upgraded equipment :wink:

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