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May 30, 2000
Peter Batson has been kind enough to provide the TONMO.com Photo Gallery with photographs from his forthcoming book titled, "Deep New Zealand: blue water, black abyss", which investigates deep-sea and oceanic life in the New Zealand region.

In particular, the cephalopods featured and illustrated in this book include Architeuthis dux, Taningia danae, Idioteuthis cordiformis, Moroteuthis ingens, Chiroteuthis sp., Vampiroteuthis infernalis, Argonauta nodosa, Spirula spirula, and many others.

The book is published Canterbury University Press, and is 240 pages (in full color) with 300+ illustrations; ISBN no. 1-877257-09-5.

The principal photographers are Kim Westerskov, Craig McVie, and the photos shown here are copyright Peter Batson (contact [email protected]).

Here are the photos and descriptions submitted by Mr. Batson. Our thanks to him for his generous contribution! Click to enlarge.

PB: "This is my favourite pic of Teuthowenia. It reminds me (and a lot of other people) of the martians from [the movie] 'Mars Attacks'. This shot got a full-page spread in 'Deep New Zealand'."

PB: "A post-larval cranchiid Teuthowenia pellucida displaying 'balling' behaviour. This is one of a sequence of shots showing the animal retracting its tentacles and arms into the mantle, a defensive behaviour that takes place when the animal is disturbed or alarmed."

PB: "Sepioloidea pacifica, a sepiolid cuttlefish common in shallow waters around New Zealand, typically over sandy bottoms. It is nocturnal, spending the day buried in sediment, emerging at night to hunt."

PB: "Sepioloidea pacifica again, this time buried in sand, its typical daytime resting place."

Stay tuned for a more detailed review of this book, to be posted here in the coming weeks.

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