Owners of the Bimac Siblings - Please give us updates


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Nov 20, 2002
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It's time for an update by the owners of the remaining 2004 Bimac Siblings (Ochi, Inklet, The Agent, Camo, Ocho)

Please tell us how your bimac is doing. I'd also like to know what your water temp. is and how often you're feeding your bimac. I keep records on this, and perhaps it will help us in the future. If your bimac is no longer around, please report about this too.

You can just reply to this thread for your update.

Hi Nancy!!!

Inklet arrived on Feb 21, so this Aug. 21st will be 6 months with me so I guess that makes him maybe 9 months old? I can tell he is entering the last stage of his life, as his color changes are not as spectacular anymore. I never see the Black/White look anymore, just mostly the greenish with the circles, or the drab greyish. He still has the white areas on his body and the interesting thing is they started right where his eyespots were. Tank temp has been a steady 79. I keep the rooms airconditioner on at all times to keep it stable. He does still eat daily, most of the time, but can go a few days after a particularly huge meal.

Hope to see more updates on the rest also!!!

I really apologize for the lack of posting as of late. I have a catalog of pics and a journal full of info to share once I finally find free time. I have been OVER consumed with every excuse in the book.... work, hurricanes, etc, but the great news is Ochi is doing wonderful.

He (and it is official he is a male) has continued to freak me out with his growth and appetite!!! It seemed for a while that his growth spurt slowed then wham he added a bunch. His new favorite foods are live crabs and clams. I can not for the life of me to get the little bugger to eat much, if any, previously frozen food. I never expected that, but he must just be a very picky eater.

Water temp is still at about 71 degrees, and salinity at 1.027. I really have not had any nightmares with tank params at all (knocks on wood) to date. Feeding is a lot, almost every day he gets at least 3-5 fiddlers, until he stops asking or eating, or 1 -2 little neck clams. Some days we skip feeding if he is just lounging around. Its kind of funny that I know by know when he is playing or stalking food. I leave no free food in his tank, did not like the lack of knowing exactly how much he was going through, and it was troublesome to clean at a whim. I do a lot of water changes obviously at least 10% every 10 days with a 20% done monthly.

Ochi seems to be just so happy and content. I hope he keeps going for many more, it made me sad to finally get in here for the first time in months today and learn of all the passings. My condolences to each of you siblings or not!!!

I truly hope to be back in full swing soon to give a better update, but thanks for asking about us Nancy!! :notworth:
Hi Neptune,

Many thanks for updating us on Ochi. I'm so pleased to hear he's doing so well! No frozen food - he must be a picky eater, but I think all of them prefer live food, always.

Maybe Ochi will become one of the big bimacs. You've had him 7 months, so that would make him 8 or 9 months old, depending on how old he was when he arrived from Octopets. I know octopuses are the most difficult things to measure, since they're constantly changing shapes, but can you estimate his mantle length and arm length? Ollie continued growing to the end of her life and weighed 3.2 pounds at the time she passed away.
I liked her being so large, but she pushed my tank and my food supply to the limits!

So, I hope you will be able to post a pic or two and continue to keep us posted about Ochi. Did Ochi have to survive a hurricane?

Rumor has it that The Agent is still with us too, but we haven't heard from BOE for a while. Last year three of the eight siblings lived out their full lifespan (Ollie, Ink and Roxy).

Hi Neptune

good to see you online again :smile:

Cant wait to see some pics and see if you have any to scale.. maybe a hand or something???

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