Otis update

Oct 31, 2003
Hi all, It has been awhile. Otis is doing great we have had him for almost 5 months now, he loves to be hand fed and loves to have his forehead? (between his eyes) rubbed. Just this morning he crawled out of the tank and into my hand when I was feeding him :shock: He has done this several times, when he does this he will let go of his food and start to "explore" my hand, what a weird feeling......I will try to get some pic's of him as he is growing quite well.
Glad to hear that Otis is doing so well and is so friendly. Several of our TONMO octos have enjoyed having their forehead (?) or chin (?) rubbed!

Yes, please post some pics of Otis!

You might also want to enter Otis and his tank in our Octo DB (click on the button above to do this - we have seventy-some tanks registered already.


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