Opie the Beanie baby?


O. bimaculoides
Jan 1, 2003
Okay, I have an official vent! The Santa Barbara science museum Sea Centre just opened about two weeks ago. As a souvenir they issued a gray octo beanie babie with red eyes I believe? Did ANY true octo people get this or was it all Mid-West housewives who collect Beanies to put on Ebay?!! People who never even went to the centre, ordered these over the phone and the they sold out! To top this off, it was retired just after it was issued. Now it is going for 6x the amount it was probably sold for. Granted, Ty is issuing a "normal" version with green eyes for the usual 6-10 USD range. But it just ticks me off when something like this happens... Okay, I'll climb off my soapbox now.... :octopus:
Well, yes and no. I got one, and I suppose I'm a normal Octopus person, almost anyway. I'm certainly not a mid-west house wife. But the reason I got one was because I figured at least one of the following would be true:

1) It would be worth some ridiculous amount of money someday.
2) My mom would probably want one and I'd never hear the end of it if I didn't pick one up for her.

At the grand opening, they were limiting sales to 7 per person. Some lady was going through the line trying to get people to buy a few each for her. Ridiculous.

Oh yeah, it does indeed have red eyes.

Never fear! Ty is re-issuing a "normal" one with green eyes instead. Personally, I probably will like that one better, seeing how I hate the colour red... :bluering:
I like that idea! :vampyro:

The only toy vamp's I know of are the plush from MBA about 3 years ago and a weird rubber one you could get at the Discovery Store when it was still good! And yes, I have them both... :biggrin2:

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