Ollie tries to get out


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Nov 20, 2002
Dallas Texas
Hi all,

Well today it finally happened. Ollie made his move and tried to climb out while the tank lid was open. He had been waving arms out in the air for about a week. He made it out of the water, up to the top edge of the tank and grabbed onto my husband's hand. I heard Bill yelling that Ollie was getting out, and when I arrived Bill was trying to stuff Ollie back into the tank, and Ollies arms were waving all over the place!

I think Ollie's very curious and wants to see what's outside his tank, as well as wanting to visit us. One of the things he did was to feel the other half of the cleaning magnet, something he's been curious about.

So now do we get a big glass jar, put some saltwater in it, and carry Ollie around the house? :smile: Is anyone else keeping a very active, very curious bimac?

Ollie's tank is well-sealed with duct tape. But I have the impression he wants to come visit us, not just to escape, so I've seen so sign of any attempt when we're not around.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Nancy!!! I laughed!!!! Bet he did want to be social!! Bet you wish you had you're camera!!! How is your husband with creatures? I know mine is not as animal proof as I am :smile: !!! Although one morning around 4AM he woke me holding a hamster that had escaped that I thought bit!!!He's come along way!! :smile:

Would have been a great picture!!!!

Hi Carol,

Yes, it was pretty funny - Bill is very good with Ollie and has even said he won't worry about being bitten (Ollie having bitten him already). He was just afraid Ollie would fall, which was my worry, too. Ollie's a fearless little guy!

And yes, it's hard to think of using a camera when you really need some extra arms just to handle Ollie!

Why do I think this will happen again? - Ollie's probably already plotting his next move.

Nancy, come to think of it Sam never tired to get out until after i took her to school for show-n-tell for my daughter in a citter carrier :| , maybe she just wanted to see what was out there :frown: and thats when she did in the middle of the night :cry: So upon that thought, Jam will not be going on any outings :wink: :roll:
Hi Debbie,

Thanks for mentioning this.

Come to think of it, about a year ago someone posted on Reef Central that his bimac had climbed out of the tank and he found it on the floor just in time. This was the day after it had been taken to a school because the owner gave a talk about his octo. I had always assumed that his bimac was fleeing because of stress, but now I wonder whether it wanted to see more of the world.

It's something to watch, anyway. I'll keep Ollie well secured, but I still think I'll open the lid and play with him. Somehow I think he'd like to go for a walk!


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