Oldest soft bodied mollusc and radula

Doesn't look much different than alot of nudis that are around today. Its amazing that life arrived at all of these basic body forms so early.
Well that's quite interesting. Odontogriphus is not a new discovery, but has not been described as a mollusc before as far as I know. I believe it has bounced around in the 'problematic worm' status for a quite a while, though one study grouped it with the brachiopods; this new study is therefore quite important. It actually had a row of tiny tentacles surrounding the radula too.

Odontogriphus even has it's own orchestral score! Go to track 4 on this link below. Not the most catchy little number though, and not really iPod material:

Phil, what a shame that my speakers are currently akin to ascending mammary glands, can't wait to sample Hallucigenia doubled by maracas and punctuated by sleigh bells.
I suspect my species is in decline !

Being a tad intrigued, I managed to thrash my audio components (forgot to plug speakers back in after oil change) into shape & sat down to enjoy the delights of Hallucigenia !:roll:

What a load of piffle, I've just recorded a bath fart & will release it as a tribute mix "Tubular B*llsh*t" on brown vinyl, picture disc as soon as !:band:

According to the website The Burgess Shale Suite does not seem to have been performed live since 1994.

Perhaps then it mimics the animals themselves; a brief explosion of performances, then a gradual disappearance, leaving us with ghost-like impressions on the internet to tantalise us and truly wonder what it would been like to experience a live performance.

Perhaps in a few years, the Suite, long since forgotten, willl be dug up by a musical palaeontologist and reinterpreted; some sections will be interpreted as avant-garde, others as progressive, jazz even, in an attempt to shoe-horn the pieces into familiar musical styles. Ultimately the suite will have been regarded as useless, a music experiment in styles and forms that left no descendants.

Thank goodness, because it was flipping awful.
spartacus said:
What a load of piffle, I've just recorded a bath fart & will release it as a tribute mix "Tubular B*llsh*t" on brown vinyl, picture disc as soon as !:band:

I'd buy that. Would you sign a copy for me please?
sorseress said:
Anyone for vinyl?

No way ! far too hot here for that, stick to my Crimplene™ flares :cool2: to let skin breath :lol:

Phillipo, 1994 ? now that is a shame. It was a toss up between giving Anomalocaris a quick blast or mowing the ranch in 40° with 6 inch (152.4mm) nails driven through my hands & feet. Ahh the sweet sound of a hot, purring Tecumseh motor !



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lets face it Andy, you'll know exactly when I'm on the beach !

is it a bird ? no.....
is it a plane ? no....
is it a prat ?


p.s. I've improved my musculature since then so I don't look stupid, more "Superhero" now though there's not much I can do about my calcified shin bones though they do help high speed stability.