Oldest soft bodied mollusc and radula

Well that's quite interesting. Odontogriphus is not a new discovery, but has not been described as a mollusc before as far as I know. I believe it has bounced around in the 'problematic worm' status for a quite a while, though one study grouped it with the brachiopods; this new study is therefore quite important. It actually had a row of tiny tentacles surrounding the radula too.

Odontogriphus even has it's own orchestral score! Go to track 4 on this link below. Not the most catchy little number though, and not really iPod material:

Rand Steiger: The Burgess Shale
Phil, what a shame that my speakers are currently akin to ascending mammary glands, can't wait to sample Hallucigenia doubled by maracas and punctuated by sleigh bells.
I suspect my species is in decline !

Being a tad intrigued, I managed to thrash my audio components (forgot to plug speakers back in after oil change) into shape & sat down to enjoy the delights of Hallucigenia !:roll:

What a load of piffle, I've just recorded a bath fart & will release it as a tribute mix "Tubular B*llsh*t" on brown vinyl, picture disc as soon as !:band:

According to the website The Burgess Shale Suite does not seem to have been performed live since 1994.

Perhaps then it mimics the animals themselves; a brief explosion of performances, then a gradual disappearance, leaving us with ghost-like impressions on the internet to tantalise us and truly wonder what it would been like to experience a live performance.

Perhaps in a few years, the Suite, long since forgotten, willl be dug up by a musical palaeontologist and reinterpreted; some sections will be interpreted as avant-garde, others as progressive, jazz even, in an attempt to shoe-horn the pieces into familiar musical styles. Ultimately the suite will have been regarded as useless, a music experiment in styles and forms that left no descendants.

Thank goodness, because it was flipping awful.
spartacus said:
What a load of piffle, I've just recorded a bath fart & will release it as a tribute mix "Tubular B*llsh*t" on brown vinyl, picture disc as soon as !:band:

I'd buy that. Would you sign a copy for me please?
sorseress said:
Anyone for vinyl?

No way ! far too hot here for that, stick to my Crimplene™ flares :cool2: to let skin breath :lol:

Phillipo, 1994 ? now that is a shame. It was a toss up between giving Anomalocaris a quick blast or mowing the ranch in 40° with 6 inch (152.4mm) nails driven through my hands & feet. Ahh the sweet sound of a hot, purring Tecumseh motor !



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lets face it Andy, you'll know exactly when I'm on the beach !

is it a bird ? no.....
is it a plane ? no....
is it a prat ?


p.s. I've improved my musculature since then so I don't look stupid, more "Superhero" now though there's not much I can do about my calcified shin bones though they do help high speed stability.

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