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May 30, 2000
Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #20 Posted at Thu Jul 4 01:55:49 2002
I was reading, and I was thinking, 'WOW!!! they write?' You really got me
-- Melissa

Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #21 Posted at Thu Jul 4 10:57:27 2002
:smile: :biggrin2: :P :lol: :smile:

-- Colin

Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #22 Posted at Mon Jul 8 13:25:22 2002
Watched an awesome program on Discovery last night...I think it was entitled "Predators-How they work" or something like that. Great shots of cuttles and octos hunting down their prey. Even went into a brief explanation of how cuttle-vision works. Hope you all got to watch it last night...it was extrememly interesting.
-- amcarrig

Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #23 Posted at Mon Jul 8 20:42:02 2002
FYI Octopus Lovers

The Disney Store has some little stuffed octopuses on sale for half price! I think it's a critter from Lilo and Stitch. It was only $3.50 and it's really cute.
-- Tuppermaddie

Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #24 Posted at Mon Jul 8 22:35:15 2002
Wow--I'm feeling like I see octos everywhere I look!

Watched a repeat of The Simpsons last night (July 7th), the one where Marge goes after sugar and succeeds in getting it outlawed from Springfield. Marge first complains to the sugar magnate who owns the big sugar-manufacturing plant in town, after she realizes that the Motherloving Sugar Company is responsible for making and selling all the sugar-loaded food in Springfield.

Anyway, the logo for the company shows an octopus involved in some sort of "sprawling-take-over-the-universe" kind of way! (Sorry--I didn't get a good look at the logo.)

If you do a search at this archive site, where fans of The Simpsons discuss arcane and esoteric things about the show, there are actually 25 hits that come up for "octopus." (Including the weirdly octo-like space aliens, Kang and Kodos.) The URL is:


Octos have been used as references made in dialogues mostly.

I'm guessing there's an octo lover on staff with The Simpsons!
-- anninboston

Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #25 Posted at Mon Jul 15 17:12:41 2002


i ve got this squid beanie baby named wiggly that i ve had for a couple years (or maybe ony one) but he only has eight arms-no tenticles not even one-i also got this stamp octo thats very cute and this pen cap octo(i think thats what they call it? it just sits on top of my pen and wachtes me write) i also got this octo sucker but it wasnt really a sucker it was this jelly thing with frosting on a stick (i still ate it)

and i have this copy of this documentary i saw recently on pbs, called The Shape of Life. it was very cool and went through the evolutionary process of life (mainly sea animals though i guess that is most of our evo history)
anyway it had this whole episode devoted to the mullusk and half of it was the ceph's (it had alot about the chambered natulius and their siphuncle's and shell design-how it was an evo breakthrough-)they also show The Feared Blue Ring Octo if you ve never seen one of these before this is in awsome show to watch! they even go through the cromatophores (did i spell that right?) and show you how they work.

I think you can order it from some where (sorry i dont know where)
but they only have it on dvd.But if you were thinking of getting a dvd player (if you dont already have one) anyways i would just for this show. there are like eight different episodes some on spunges and fish and stuff they were all very very cool
-- Serena

Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #26 Posted at Mon Jul 15 17:55:11 2002
another octopus in the simpsons: I think it was season three, the episode is called radio bart. Anyway, bart is having a birthday party at a chuck E cheese type place and there is a poorly constructed robotic band playing birthday music, the drummer is an octopus. And it falls apart.
-- Rudiger

Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #27 Posted at Mon Jul 15 18:13:27 2002
Last Modified at Tue Jul 16 18:34:15 2002 by Tintenfisch
about wiggly the 'squid' beanie baby... i have one too, named speedy, who sits on the dash of my car and warns away ticket-happy cops. he's definitely an octo though, as i'm sure many alert consumers have informed the beanie company. at least he's a lot more accurate than their previous octo, who answers to 'inky' and bears a smiley-face on his mantle...
-- Tintenfisch

Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #28 Posted at Tue Jul 16 15:37:07 2002
Hey all!
I was in New Orleans, and I went to the aquarium there. I saw an octo. It was hiding out. I tried all the 'tricks' I know to get it to come out, but it never did..
I also have the beanie baby squid. For the longest time I thought it was an octo with ears! ( I never read its little tag thing)
See Ya' Later Alligator,
-- Melissa (Melbe)

Re: General Octopus sighting
Reply #29 Posted at Tue Jul 23 14:43:55 2002

Well I almost completly forgot about this episode of the X-Files where this tenticle type creatureis attacking people. heres the story

Mulder and Scully are called down to Florida by this old man who says there is a sea monster on the lose (this man is one of the first agents who worked on the X-Files before it was the X-Files)

So Mulder and Scully investigate and they find out that this family of marine bioligists are missing in the hurican thats going on. The last they heard from this family was when they said a monster w/ tenticles was in their home
M & S go to the familys home but all they find is this strange sticky clear goo thats all over the place
as there leaving the hurrican gets worse and they have to seek shelter.
So they head into this apartment complex where a few other people are also stranded
now this monser some how manages to snake in to the light fixtures and then shoots out wrapping its self around the neck of its prey,it then wraps them or covers them in this goo. and then digests the body not leaving a trace(all thats usually left is there cloths and jewlery)
Mulder then comes to the conclusion that the monster does not just live in water but it is water "taking shape only when it attacks" and that it must have been dredged up from the "uncharted depths of the ocean" by the hurrican.
Mulder gets attacked by this creature while he is walking down this corridor in the appartment. He notices some water dripping down from the ceiling and when he looks up there is this clear whiteish teticle that shoots down and wraps its self around his neck M frees himself and runs outside where he relizes that the monster can not live in fresh water and he tells Scully this so she can get the other people out
this is not one of the best episodes of the X-Files but its kinda funny
-- Serena
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