Sep 25, 2004
Hi all!
I know u guys want me to let my octo go but hes fine! And I thought that I might inquire as to why this morning I came out to find my octopus walking around literally walking, he was using his legs like stilts but before I could take a pic he ran back in his den! What is up with that? Maybe u guys are right, maybe he lost it.... Hmmm... By the way any name suggestions? Also I dont plan to keep him whether he is happy or not, once he gets big enough to mate I am letting it go! He has been ravaging my tank to! He destroyed my landscaping and ate my RARE grey anenome crab! I think hes pretty healthy! And today when I came home from school he was eating some kind of crustacean! Hes very intresting sometimes only half of him is red and the other is white hes very strange... Maybe I will name his mime ore somthing. Okay Im gonna stop rambling now see yah! And one last thing If u think that I ABSOLUTELY must let him go Mr. O'Shea then I shall.....
PS: What is with this thing? :drwho:
Well, the big question is "why"...let the octo go, as you say, you can always get another...once you have a proper tank setup, etc...one of the greatest joys in my life was watching peregrine falcons fly free from our captive breeding area, knowing I would never see them again...kind of liberating in a sense.
Watching the octo scuttle loose across the tidal sands to whatever wild adventures await him is surely worth the price of letting him go!!