octopus vs lionfish


Dec 31, 2004
2 weeks ago we bought a lionfish to put in our occie tank. danielle said i bet you 20 bucks that the lionfish dont make it thru the night, lets just say i haven't seen the 20 dollars yet. then she said 10 bucks that he don't make it thru the week well im 30 dollars up and haven't seen a cent:lol: . but i got up this morning and who was munching away happily 1 big fat occie :angelpus: eating my poor lionfish i think he must of gone poison, poison, tasty fish and only ate the tail end. ,well the results are in from the big betting week. lets just say a lionfish and a occie can not live together and that the occie will always win legs down. :mad:


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Hey Dingo,

Sorry for the bad news but next time someone posts asking about whether they can keep fish with octopuses or cuttlefish i want you backing me up!!!!

Same thing happened with me, my lion and cuttle did really well for sometime but by the end of it i was left with half a tail and an fat cuttlefish.
Hmmm. I guess that is why we always tell people not to keep fish with their cephs...
Lionfish are tasty and so are fugu (Puffer), quite nice to know that your alive after eating it. For the lionfish, the cook should always chop off the pretty but nasty fins first before cooking.
To understand the great use of puffer fish, read "The Serpent and the Rainbow" by Wade Davis. Essential for Voodoo.
Great food if you ask me, only experts are allowed to prepare it, but a average of 116 poeple doe from fugu poisoning every year. Delicate flesh, even better than salmon, cod and everything else except sturgeon and um...( not um... the person :shock: , I meant I forgot.) :wink:
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