octopus video to share..........

Nov 13, 2007
i wanted to share my recently finished website with you guys

probably the only thing that you guys would find interesting is the Squishy the Octopus video on the last page. its just one of several videos (the others are in the making) of my pet octopus that i had last year. this particular one is an epic battle that im sure you guys will enjoy

BUT it would be cool if you checked out some of the other content as well. the site was originally created for the music videos that i have on the other pages, which revolve around some amazing Incubus songs. so far there are 3 parts to a larger series in the making. hopefully some people will find them amusing..............

more content is coming soon!

so leave some comments (on the site), SPREAD THE WORD and enjoy!

thanks guys!

you really shouldn't put crabs like that with your octo, because it seemed to harm him pretty bad, theres a way to get them to let go of their claws, that way it wont hurt your octo..
well i didnt have problems with any of the other crabs that i fed him. this was the only crab that actually had a chance of evading the octopus. normally the crab was just instantly engulfed

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