Octopus jewelry case...

Apr 7, 2004
I found this little bugger on ebay. The seller has more than one and relists them every so often. The mantle flips up and shows a gold porcelin like interior and I can't determine whether or not I want to give to to my girlfriend as a gift, or just keep it as a weird piece of table ornamentation.


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Waaay too late to comment on Will's indecision. He and the GF married awhile back so no it does not matter, it would still be in the house. :razz:
eBay is your best bet for something like this. It is offerred in different colors most of the time. If you don't see the one you like, just wait and a different one usually shows up within a month.
I bought this one for a friend of mine and she loves it. Very cool.

I have gotten married since then and wondered if I should re-buy one for the wife.

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