Octopus Garden @ Martha's Vineyard!

Those are really cute! Better than the Beaney Baby.

OK, I'm not afraid to admit it, even though I'm a bloke. Just keep it quiet.
It's hard to find good plush octopuses - these are the best I've seen in a while. Maybe my giant squid needs a friend!

I've seen some really nice plush at museum gift shops. That is where I picked up my giant squid ( named Maudigal ) when I still lived in Milwaukee, and had to rush out the door to avoid buying anything else. They even had a vampire squid from hell plush there!
I think the New England Aquarium in Boston also has vampire squid (and an assortment of other cute stuffed cephs - especially cuttles). There's something relaxing about cuddling all those plush arms. :smile: