Octopus and the tree


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Mar 15, 2003
For those of you that are interested, I have a opportunity to show all of the steps taken in doing an illustration...received an email with a request, then drew up some ideas for the colour illustration, "the octopus and the tree"...
This morning, I talked to the client, and decided to go with something less formal in structure, with a little more "grab" (pardon the pun) and did a pencil outline of the piece...(note: my wife just walked into the studio and asked why the octopus is hanging from the tree..."wouldn't it die?" :roll: )
Very cool! But I Think that u should make the octo becoming the tree! Now that would be cool! And then make the tree green like asprout and where the octo starts turning into the tree or sumthin make im green to! Just a suggestion! Ur work is great! :P
PS: Ur client is stupid and knows nothing of art! Ur first one was da bomb!
I'll take it under advisement... :biggrin2:
Started blocking out the colours...many layers of pigment to create a feeling of depth...
It's very interesting to see the artistic process. I use a similar technique for my bead weavings! I play with sketches and colours then when I get a design I like I transfer to a grid..select my beads and off I go!


You should make the tree a conifer, as it's only the Pacific Tree Octopus that is known to be a tree climber. Art must be scientifically accurate to please the public :P
I love those drawings, you're pretty good at this sketching stuff. I like the second one best :smile: . Are ya gonna carve this image into something or just a painting? I must say your client certainly has interesting taste :smile:

If only Pacific Tree Octo's were real :roll: ... but why name it pacific if its in the middle of a forest? Yet another flaw in the PTO story...
Nice line work, and I like the muted complementary color scheme 8)

Is this illustration going to be used as part of a story, or is it just a standalone piece? Either way, it would work well :smile:

It is a piece to complement a bit of prose written by the client...I'm not sure if it is going to be in a book of shorts or not...glad you like it!!
I finished off the glaze washes this morning, once they dry, it will be time for the pen and ink lining!
1st inking is done...time to wait for a bit, remove all of the pencil lines, and send a proof off to see what colours they want in the tree and octo...
Thank you very much for letting us see the whole process in creating this wonder octopus illustration.

I'm interested in the size of the sketches and final drawing, paper used, and the washes - are theycolored ink or watercolor?

You're very talented!

Wow, very impressive :notworth:

Would love to get a higher-resolution shot of the final product, so I can print it out or use it for my desktop picture =)

I'm still waiting for Dr. O'Shea's squid sketch on a T-shirt!


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