Octo pics!

NIce looking octopus! Glad you finally were able to take some pics!

Now how about taking that camera to the cove, we're all so curious about that! (even if you can't take underwater pics)

Cephie is a fine name! Welcome to Cephie!

I'm making a list of all our current octos, and I'll add Cephie to it. (Will publish soon).

Ahhh.....He's cute! Are those local blennies you caught also? Need more pics!! Would love to see the cove!!!!

Yea, pleaZe show us the cove. Im god dead interested about it. I wish I can go to Hawaii like right now and go to the damn cove and play with all the 7 foot Octopuses in that pool of water. Sounds good 2 me...and very slimy. lol.
lol thx all. I wil lpost pics of the cove as soon as I can. My mom bought a digi camera and it is comin in the mail. And yeah everything in the tank is local cought I caught it myself. (Proud) :biggrin2: Until then heres some new pics!
Interesting pics, Nick. Thanks for posting them. We're all glad your mom has bought a digital camera. Your experiences in catching your own octo are something special.

I'm looking forward to seeing pics of the cove.

Nick, it's really wonderful that you've caught all this yourself and maintain them at home. I hadn't realized how big the octo is! I don't think I would try to grab something that size in the water. You must be a good swimmer.


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