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Ochi News and neptune Trip

Jan 8, 2004
Hey all,

Just a quick update that Ochi is doing great. He really has gotten very friendly with my hand and loves for me to do any work on his tank so he can play with that too. His curiosity seems to increase daily, along with his size. :shock:

I will be going to Jamaica tomorrow :mrgreen: , lots of diving and snorkeling planned!!

I am quite scared to leave him!!! :roll: I do have a aquarium service coming by every other day to maintain all of my tanks, and have someone watching 24-7 regardless. I know I will call alot just to check up on him!!

You guys take care!! I will post the pics I have gotten (of Ochi and trip) when I return the week of May 3! :biggrin2:


Staff member
Nov 20, 2002
Hope you have a great trip and look forward to those pics when you return (also Ochi pics!)