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Nov 20, 2002
Got a new game for Christmas!!! Anyone ever heard of this version of Monolopy! The Octopus square is worth$230 and instead of going to jail, you go to Low Tide! Houses are blocks of water! And the cards you buy have facts on whatever seacreature you bought! Great game pictures also!! But the best part is the player pieces! All seacreatures! I will have to be the seahorse!!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!!! :biggrin2:

Hi Carol --

I was absolutely certain you were pulling our feeding tentacles, until I did a search and found it is indeed for real:


Sounds fantastic! It's too late in the year to place an order with Sandy Claws, but perhaps if I drop some hints to the Big Calamari and the Squidling in my life, they will "surprise" me with one for my birthday.

Got all my arms crossed,
Sounds very cool, and here's another family game ceph sighting - in a fabulous game called 'Apples to Apples,' in which players compete to pick the 'best' noun for a given adjective (i.e. the judge says 'scary' and the players submit 'spiders' 'Martha Stewart' 'tornadoes' and 'baked potatoes') one of the possible choices is Giant Squid.
My family learned very quickly that this is a trump card guaranteed to win when I'm the judge. :wink:

Frankly, I think Martha Stewart is lots scarier than a Giant Squid. Of course, Ann Robinson of "Weakest Link" could take 'em both in a grudge match....

BTW, what do you get when you cross Alan Rickman with a Giant Pacific Octopus?
I dunno, but I want it to give me a big hug!

(Yeah, I know, but whaddya expect at 2:30 a.m.? Seinfeld?)

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