O digueti again !


TONMO Supporter
Mar 15, 2003
went down last week for a few days...hot, hot, and extra hot...lots of lovely scrapes, assorted dings, and flying javelina bites...still limping.
nice sunsets though...no joy on the octopus...return trip in a few weeks with a lower tide may prove eventfull !!
Christian got excited, and stuck his hand under a just-removed rock before the silt had cleared...and right into a bristle worm ! No fun! :lol:
We all swam a lot, and saw tons of marine life...very cool...ran into a swarm of Sergeant Majors about 1/4" long (and I mean SWARM...in the tens of thousands)...very cool !
Sounds like an excellent time!!! With August coming we should be getting more tropicals around here! Pelicans are so ugley their cute!!!!

Nice pics.... id say standoff is my favorite too....

Hope your new friend doesnt end up dive bombing any parking lots/sidewalks....

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