Now you got me going


Blue Ring
Sep 14, 2003
I have stored up a lot of pictures and have been waiting to post them. Not that I am able to, you are going to get sick of Alice and Butter. We actually don't have too many pictures of the little guy. He is still hiding much of the time. He came out after about a week and hung out a lot, but he has started hiding again. I hope it's a phase. Just like kids. Alice hid a lot too, but now she is out all the time. The lights got messed up and were going on a freaky times, and I think it might have messed them both up a little. For some reason, they came on for 1 hour at 3 in the morning and then onto it's regular schedule. I don't know how long this went on before I saw it happen. Hopefully Butter will come out more now that they are fixed. Well, here are some more pictures. Enjoy.
Great pictures!!! How big is Alice? Was she the one playing with the Lego??

What does she do with it? Ink used to float down to the bottom on it!!!

ALice has a tentacle span of about 2 feet when she really streches out. That's from tip to tip. Her mantle is now about 6 inches long. She is getting ready for the move into a 90 gallon tank. SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A PYGMY!!! :goofysca: She has gotten bigger since the pictures. She has been a great octo. Smedley had a lot of personality, but she has enen more.
In response to the Leggo, she goesn't play with it anymore. She is more interested in the magnet. SHe will pull it off the side of the tank and pring it into her home. When it floats back up, we reconnect it and shetakes it off again. She recently has begun chasing it. She is like a kid. If we try to remove the Leggo, she grabs it, but doesn't do anything with it. She also, I think, got bored and dismantled our power head. She brought the guard into her den and 3 of the suction cups. I tried to get them out, but she fights with me over them. Oh well.
LOL, yes they will keep you right when they know it is feeding time!

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