Norway tries to halt illegal Russian trawler!

Good heavens!!! Mr.???? Did I do something to irritate you??? :smile:

If other Russian trawlers are doing this ignoble thing, I expect quite a furor from the Scandinavian countries, who are already feeling the bite of having fish takes reduced dramatically due to overfishing...

Mr. Ewald
A lenghty low speed chase, illegal fishing apparatus and a kidnapping, this story has everything.

I would have loved to hear the conversations on board, when the russians decided to turn around. It says the Norweigan officials wernt harmed, perhaps they just waved at their countrymen as they were taken away whislt drinking a cold beverage. They just had to sit idly by and get driven to russia, very slowly. Very USSR of them.

Did you know in 1997, - 47,000 russians died of alcohol poisening?
And towards the end of the cold war vodka accounted for 1/3 of russias' GDP.
Thought I'd learn the facts before being kidnapped by a russian trawler. Hahaa