[non-ceph]: Thrilled to be frilled (rare live shark captured)


Super cool!
I require tight control on non-ceph threads in the public forums but there are rare exceptions... this is one of those! Fascinating story.
Ta Tony! What particularly strikes me about the pose of our frilled friend here, is that it appears as humped as some *sandtigers I've seen in aquaria around the world. Is that a pathology specific to chondrichthyes??

*Carcharias taurus (Rafinesque, 1810) AKA Odontaspis sp.
At first I wished to disagree, judging other (dead) examples of Chlamydoselachus anguineus I'd seen earlier, until I came accros this, the actual first video to have been shot of this elusive creature... Here's a still attached. The other attached photoshopped image (© 2003 Marine Themes Pty Ltd. All rights reserved) is likely from a dead specimen.

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