[News]: Weird ocean life surprises


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May 30, 2000
Recent finds in the waters between New Zealand and Australia are getting ample press as of late, as evidenced in part by the following article from BBC.com:

Weird ocean life surprises

Of particular interest is the "wonky-eyed jewel squid", or Histioteuthis. Thanks to TONMO.com member Fujisawas Sake for the heads-up on this one!
I think what's contributed to the lack of info is the sheer volume that was collected. I heard Andrew Stewart from Te Papa (National Museum NZ) on the radio yesterday and the numbers of unidentified possibly new species is mindblowing many of these are inverts too! They're going to be a very looooong time sorting through it all!

We've just picked up the squids from this NORFANZ trip (to identify). There's at least one new record of a species for the New Zealand EEZ, several northern-most records of others, and one question mark squid (sneaking suspicion it has a name, but probably the second-known specimen from the South Pacific).

We'll post a few pics as and when we defrost them for examination.
There is a nice slideshow of some of these NORFANZ creatures here:

NORFANZ Creature Feature

There is an image of Opisthoteuthis the 'Dumbo Octopus' on the 'extra creatures' page. It seems that at least one specimen of Vampyroteuthis has been found as well.


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