[News]: Score 1 for the Squid

I've been coming across a few papers recently that mention the loss of squid from an impacted environment, even when the impact is localised/small scale and experimental; it seems that they disappear from such regions. I'm preparing an article along these lines.

We've also got a paper in press looking at one possible reason for erratic squid recruitment patterns, other than the all-too-obvious (and all-too-often cited) '1 year life cycle'.

Squid could well prove to be excellent barometers of environmental health.
It always amazed me that humans can be sooooo dense...we fish waters with the same vigour that our fathers did, but forget that there are a hell of a lot more of us on this little planet, and do we ever question that perhaps we are now over-doing it ? No.
Pollutants? Heck, the next generation can solve that problem.
Carbon Monoxide fouling the air? Not our problem, we have to drive don't we????
High mercury count in the fish we eat? Obviously, a governmental conspiracy against the fishing industry...we are sure that study was fixed.

It's enough to make you want to bang your head into a wall repeatedly...maybe forever !

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