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Oct 15, 2005
Fisherfolk bemoan untapped squid market
[SIZE=-1]Jamaica Gleaner, Jamaica - Aug 31, 2006[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]Government's apparent unwillingness to invest in what is considered a potential multimillion-dollar Diamond Back Squid industry is causing much frustration ... [/SIZE]

This is rather poor reporting, and a venture (squid fishing) that seems likely to develop (and subsequently collapse) on the basis of poor science.

Thysanoteuthis (the diamondback) releases free-floating gelatinous egg masses - not the 'casting' variety (cocoons; loliginid) that these lads seem to refer to (and attribute to Thysanoteuthis)! No problem will be solved here!!

"The financial possibilities to Jamaica are limitless as the total squid casting (cocoons that burst open to release new squid eggs) found in Japan is only about 10 per cent of what our local fishermen have been spotting off the island's north coast," Mr. Peterkin told The Gleaner. "If properly developed, this industry could solve all the problems now facing the local fishing industry."

Takahiko Yasuda, of the Japan International Cooperation Agency, who has made many trips along the north coast with representatives of the WFFCL, has stated that, based on the vast number of squid casting he has seen, he believes Jamaica could outdo Japan in terms of earning from the Diamond Squid."
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