[News]: Cuttlefish endangered by mine plans - ABC Online


Robotic Staff
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Robotic Staff
Oct 15, 2005
Cuttlefish endangered by mine plans
[SIZE=-1]ABC Online, Australia - 52 minutes ago[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]But critics are warning that the waste water from the plant could threaten the world's largest cuttlefish breeding ground. ISKHANDAR RAZAK: The rocky seas ...[/SIZE]

Cuttlefish conservations

Interesting...It is good to hear stories like this about conservation of animals that are not yet endangered:smile: . Though it may not be as appealing, to most, as protecting a marine mammal hunting ground, incidents like this should drive home the fact that it is much easier to protect a species before it is on the brink of extinction. I will have to keep my ears open for more news on the subject.

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