News: Cuttlefish Camouflage and Colorblindedness

tonmo said:
Found on our News page, here's an interesting new article on ScienceDaily about cuttlefish camouflage and colorblindedness:

Cuttlefish Masters Of Disguise Despite Colorblindness


Also note the actual Press Release from MBL.

Way cool! Researchers who put a link to the pdf of the article and the movies rock!

(I have the minor gripe that the article has a logical fallacy, in that it assumes "the absence of the positive proves the negative"-- i.e. it's possible, though unlikely, that the cuttle can see the colors, but doesn't use them as criteria for choosing its pattern)

It also has a lot of refs I didn't have for color vision experiments, including one where someone did electrophysiology on an octopus retina directly and looked at what the receptor responses actually were to different wavelengths of light!
bathypol said:
ok, so am I blind? :confused: I don't see the movies anywhere.....

I only saw 1 movie; click on the press release link, and scroll down to "resources: view the video (quicktime)"

I just used plural to say all researchers who put their stuff on the web rock...

I also just slammed my finger in the door, which makes it annoyingly hard to type. ow.
One of my favorite questions regarding underlying behavioral mechanisms of body patterning... It's hard to believe these guys are color blind- I don't think the evidence is necessarily conclusive and recent findings with possible extra-ocular photoreceptive function show there's more to learn.

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