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Oct 15, 2005
Boy, 3, bitten by octopus
[SIZE=-1]NEWS.com.au, Australia - 39 minutes ago[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]A THREE-year-old boy is in intensive care after a bite from a deadly octopus at a south-east Queensland beach. Jane Moss said today ... [/SIZE]

There was a report last year, I believe, about a baby who was playing with a blue ringed octopus on the beach - and the baby was not bitten.

In this case, "messing with" the octopus did cause a defensive reaction.

Happy ending, sounds like the child will be OK.

poor kid, but I'm glad they got him on a ventilator quickly! I really hope this doesn't cause anti-octopus hysteria the same way people went after stingrays when Steve Irwin died...
Do any of you remember seeing a show on PBS about 20 years ago called Ring of Fire? A couple of brothers were traveling around Indonesia (maybe other places too, I don't remember), filming as they went. In one segment one of the brothers was playing with a bluering he was holding in the palm of his hand. It was only later that they found out what it was and how deadly it's toxin could be....very lucky guy.
I believe they were the Blair brothers. A couple English kids with a camera who explored the former Dutch Indies. They showed the blue-ring footage to David Attenborough and he jumped from his seat cursing them both for their ignorance. In all fairness, they were gentle with their blue-ring. The one brother held still and let it explore him at leisure. It flashed colours but was interested, not aggressive. Talk about lucky, man. I think they were the Blairs. They did some great stuff sailing with the Dyaks.
My favourite episode was the one where they were invited to stay for dinner at the cannibal's island...and the resulting rush for the boats in the dark of night.

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