[News] 385 million year old nautiloid discovery in New York.


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Nov 19, 2002
Not exactly earth-shattering news but an interesting Devonian period nautiloid has been found during the excation of the foundations of the State University of New York's new science building. Certainly an appropriate location!


And from the Geneseo weekly news:

Fossil unearthed during construction of Integrated Science Facility

Construction workers on campus have unearthed a Devonian Period fossil while removing rock during the construction of the Integrated Science Facility. The specimen, discovered on May 25, was turned over to the College's Geology Department, and, according to Professor of Geological Sciences Jeff Over, the fossil is from about 385 million years before present, when Geneseo was only about 15 to 20 degrees south of the equator. The specimen, Spyroceras, was a squid-like creature with a conical shell. The Geneseo sample is essentially intact in a black shale rock, and is about 15 centimeters long. It was found about three to five feet below the top of rock, or approximately 15 feet below old grade, approximately 151' west of the Earth Science Lab in Greene Hall. More information on this find will be published in the upcoming edition of ENCompass Magazine, to be posted later this summer.


More images of another specimen of Spyroceras are available here.
:mrgreen: I don't want to appear envious but why is it nothing like that appears when I'm lifting turnips for lunch ?
though I have found some fossil festooned chalk nodules & partial echinoid remains but not enough to retire on.

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