Newbie here


Jul 1, 2004
Hi all. :smile:

Quick intro: my name is Taratron, mostly a freshwater fish keeper, advisor on, but since I got my job as aquarist at the Wildlife World Zoo in Phoenix, Arizona, been working with salt and brackish too. :rainbow:

At home, I keep bristlenose plecos, a plethora of cories, and loaches.

At work, I'm kept by sharks, eels, a fly river turtle, pirahna, lungfish, electric eels...and eventually an octopus, which is why I'm here, for help!

Looks like a great place here. :smile: I know I'll learn a lot!
Hi and welcome to!

I think you will enjoy keeping an octopus - I'm looking forward to hearing about it and seeing the first pics already!

Please join us over in Ceph Care for octo keeping questions, if you have any.

All the best,

Nancy :octopus:
:welcome: it's great that you've decided to get one, and it's even better that You have experience with this kind of stuff! :octopus:
(allow me to show you what we do to greet new members) :tomato:
Welcome taratron,

Have fun here....(just ignore Spartacus) :smile:



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