new octopus - needs ID


Nov 27, 2006
Hey friends. Today i recieved my very first ceph pet, Octopus Prime. They swore up and down that they were sending me one of the two bimacs, "the only octo.s in the warehouse that they have identified" but since i have been posting my first pictures in the journals forum, it is becoming clear that what i have is no Bimac! The specimen looks a lot different from the blurry pictures that the very helpful customer service person shot on my behalf with her cameraphone (that one is in the thread linked below too, you can see the size difference yourselves)

I love the little guy; it has a great personality so far. has been very active all throughout the daylight hours and seems to be settling down now for the evening. It also has peculiar eye horns and smaller horns all along the mantle. There's another large horn that dangles off the back of the mantle.

My main concern is that rather than a baby bimac with a nice healthy life ahead of it, i have an adult dwarf species of some kind that might die naturally in a few weeks time!

can anyone help me out? i have been shooting pictures like there's no tomorrow so there are quite a few to choose from in my "journals" thread.

check'm out!
New Aculeatus(?) Journal - Octopus Prime!
There is some question about the terms pygmy and dwarf and I hope Mucktopus or Roy will clarify. It appears that some references have been made to the smaller Indian Ocean Adopus and Octopus as dwarfs. These are not the pygmy octos of the Caribbean and are young when sized like an adult Mercatoris. Yours is definitely NOT a Merc or the West coast equivalent.
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