New Octo.....


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
I ended up in Pa today and almost left this guy there as I'm almost positive he's an adult but the octomother in me got the best of me and he's hiding in Nonames tank. Acclimation went very smoothly but this one does a very exaggerated conehead look with his legs curled at the ends, almost like those you see walking in some of the documentaries. Keeping fingers crossed for the next 24.
Day 2 = I hope all is well also. Have not seen even a tentacle since his Friday arrival which is good news cause I'm sure I would have seen a body if he had passed. And I think he is a dwarf, but different from Noname. Keeping fingers crossed.
Welcome to your new octopus! I already added him to our List (without a name, of course). Hope all goes well.

:angel::RIP Little Octo.... I kind of had a feeling. When the store was bagging him, a comment was made how he was taken out of a piece of coral he was hiding in. I think it was a she and she had eggs. Never ate as far as I know. I will try again....