New octi--arrived! (Update)


Aug 23, 2006
Hi guys!

Our new octopus arrived a couple days ago (literally) and his food just arrived today. He hasn't touched the fiddler crabs, or even the frozen shrimp we offered him. I think maybe the people who shipped him to us overfed him so that he wouldn't be hungry on his way out here.

I think I'm the new owner of a Bimac octopus. He's doing awesome in our 30 gall tank. He's flashing colors and he's moving around like crazy. He seems to be interested in anyone who approached the tank.

I was wondering what OTHER food options I can have. I'm still doing some research on his diet. I can't wait until we get the 55 gall.

He was asleep for about 12 hours. Now he's active and he seems relatively happy and healthy. I think we did a good job for first time owners.
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