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Oct 30, 2004
Just wanted to introduce myself!I am a new member always looking for new information and tips about fish. Iam also interested in others experience with saltwater aquariums. I have a Moorish Idol who is my pride and joy anyone else have sucess with these fish? I also have an octopus, banded catshark I hatched, sailfin tang, asst damsels, a chain link eel, and a large "cleanup crew".
:welcome: aboard! We've got a great s/w community here. Be sure to tell us all about your octopus in the Journals & Photos forum, with pics of course!
Hi and welcome to!

What species of octopus do you have? We wecome you and all ceph owners to post their photos and tell us about their ceph pets over in our Journals and Photos forum, as Tony mentioned. Look forward to seeing your octopus pics!

Thank all of you for the warm welcome. I do not have any pictures of my octopus named Oscar yet. I will take pics tomarrow and post them. I just got him 2 weeks ago and love him! I ordered him from the fish store almost 4 months ago and they were not able to get him until now! I'm not sure of the exact species but I think he is a a He'e (From Hawaii) He is very small having a mantle just over an inch long but seems to stretch himself out to be very long. I 'm trying to do some resesearch to help me give this guy everything he needs to survive and be happy in my tank. So far I have had no sucess feeding him things like krill, silversides, rosey reds, frozen shrimp or even live crabs! Although, he has eaten some frozen clam. What else can I try to feed him? I also wanted to know if the tank I have him in is not big enough. It is only a 10 gallon. The fish store said it was a perfect octopus tank but all of you seem to have bigger tanks for yours. As for pictures of him I barley get to see him. When I brought him home he was very active and curious. I bought him a medium size piece of live rock with a hole for him to hide in and he loves it so much he never comes out! I put the food right in the hole and he will grab it. Is it true that they are nocturnal? Any responses would be appreciated.
Thanks, Kim
A 10gallon is definitely not enough for an octo, I'm thinking your octo could be a O.cyanea and that grows to about 16cm ML. Does the octo display any dark eyespots?
His eyes are dark orange with black pupils. What tank size would be sufficient? He is still not eating alot just some frozen clam. Got any suggestions?
Hi and welcome to!

As for feeding your octo, try live hermit crabs or other small crustaceans, thawed frozen shrimp (have you tried premium shrimp?), small pieces of fresh scallop. Some will eat snails, too. And you could open a fresh mussel and try pieces of that.

It would be good to try to identify the species, if you can eventually post a photo. Come come over to Journals and Photos and report on your octo. Also, you can enter him in the Octo Database.

Hope that food list helps,

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