new lurker in the cephalo-hood


Mar 1, 2004
Hi all! Just came across this community/magazine and I'm just tickled to meet other people who love cute squishy sucky invertebrates! WHEE I am particularly fond of cephalopods, nudibranchs, and cnidarians.

I recently graduated from Oregon State University with a bachelors degree in zoology, and one in biology. However Oregon's job market [tonmo edit: "sucks" will do :smile: ], so I remain unemployed. I've decided to go to graduate school for a PhD. Anyone have any good recommendations of west coast grad programs in biology, marine biology, or zoology?? I looked up some today but word of mouth is always good too.

Welcome to Tonmo, Paige...interesting review of the Oregon job market...don't know if I have heard that one yet ! :lol:
Check with Dr. SOS...he is our academic wizard...good hunting!
Welcome trelanea! I kinda had to edit your post there, you know, family-friendly site and all...


Lovely art on your Website! Glad you're here!
:welcome: indeedy; afraid I'm at the other end of the world to the US folk, so it would be a major move/relocation to study cephs.

um... said:
:welcome:, Paige! This squishy sucky invertebrate is just tickled to meet you, too.

Hope you get connected.

Uh Oh, lets hope Sir Dr Ummmmm...... doesn't develop a new ummfatuation!

My name is John, and I too would like to say hello and that not all is lost in the world of marine biology/ zoology. Good luck, and you may want to apply around the country. I look forward to reading your posts.

Welcome to TONMO, where the past, present, and future is Cephalopods!

Sushi and Sake, (Gochiso-sama)!

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