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Pygmy Octopus
May 30, 2003
Im an enlisted air force member that is currently stationed in oklahoma. Ive had all sorts of unusual pets in my life. Anything snakes, fish, turtles, a squirell, a quail, and anything else I could catch. In the dorms I was told nothing but fish was aloud. So I got a tank and fish but they were just too boring. So I asked the local petstore to order me a octopus. I got a baby about two weeks ago. He/ she has grown considerably and will eat anything and everything Ive thrown in. The only survivors are a turbo snail and a single hermit crab, who I havent seen in a few days so he may have fallen victom as well. Ive never owned an octpus before but am enjoying this one very much. Ive named him squirt because he was so small when I got him and I hope to have some picures soon. If anyone has any tips, tankmates (if any), food, or any other helpful hints that would be great.
Amn Banks
Hi Ann! Welcome to!

You know, I had actually seen people discussing on another aquatic message board that octopuses are boring... From what I can see here that is hardly the case.

You've come to the right place! :smile:
Well, not many tank mates but you should know that because you are in the Midwest and agriculture is there thing out there that fertilizes contaminate the water supply and a fairly regular basis. Because of this if you mix salt check your water levels before you add it in to make suse nothing dangerous nitrate ect.

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