New guy here


Dec 1, 2006
so i got into the saltwater hobby about a year ago. started with a teenie 12 gal. now i am up to 60gal reef. a SMALL reef.

in my quest for new and exciting things to put into a sw aquarium, i found info on Dr Woods ceph. page. and i come to find out there are several species of octopus and cuttlefish for the home aquarium. so from then on my goal was to work towards getting better at the hobby, and get another aquarium for an octo. or cuttlefish. i am leaning towards cuttlefish.

when i was in the US NAVY, i was stationed at a place called Diego Garcia( Diego Garcia - Naturalist's Paradise)
one of MANY days, i was snorkeling, and i came upon 3-5 of what i thought were squid. weird looking sqiud. pulsating with rainbow like colors. they were about 1 1/2-2 ft. long. i stared at them, they seemed to like me. they kept moving closer and closer. too close for me because they were the strangest lookin squid i had ever seen. anyway, i swam away and got the local sealife identifier and found out they were in fact cuttlefish.

thought i would share that with you. dr. woods seem to like my tale, and i hope you do too. ciao!! :wink2:
Cuttles are super curious animals...they love to inspect divers !

Glad to have you aboard,

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