[New Feature]: Community Calendar


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May 30, 2000
TONMO.com has added a new Community Calendar! If there is a ceph-related event (such as a television documentary, an aquarium event, or a diving excursion) you can add it here. It's also a great place to suggest Chat room meeting times, or announce people's birthdays... Like, oh, I dunno.. Phil and Tintenfisch?? They both share the same birthday, and I did not forget their special day, as I did for Taninganae, whose was on March 17th... Anyway, check May 2nd. :smile:

Community Calendar

The link to this can also be found throughout the forum in the upper right corner.

Great idea! Now those of us who lack cable can alert our friends early when we need to show up at their place to watch it! :P
Ha, hope it's a good friend...

Ding Dong-- Hey Joe, I know it's 3am, but this movie about a giant radioactive octopus is on the Sci Fi channel, and I brought the popcorn!


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