New Eureka Pics!


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Moderator (Staff)
Nov 20, 2002
This morning I saw an arm. He was out, pacing the tank, doing laps around the entire perimeter of the tank. Was on the cleaner magnet, swam from that perch down to the bottom. Flashing colors. He's massive movement so pics are difficult but I did manage to get a few! I put in 5 more hermits and he was on one immediately and dragged it off to his den! He's very tiny! I'm still not sure what he is, but the store said Vulgaris. I see no eyespots. Very happy to see he's getting more comfortable in his environment. He was in the large shell, checking out the clownfish lettuce clip on the bottom and kept perching on top of the magnets. So far, so good! I'm cautiously optimistic!:smile:
Nice pics, Carol. Looks like Eureka is feeling more at home and is getting to know his environment. (Why is it that I think Eureka is a "she"?)

What colors does he flash?

Please continue the photos and reports - we're all interested.


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