New article by Crissy Huffard


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Nov 20, 2002
Dallas Texas
Crissy Huffard (mucktopus) has a paper published in in the latest issue of Molluscan Research :
Four new species of shallow water pygmy octopus (Mollusca: Cephalopoda) from the Kingdom of Tonga

Here is the link to the abstract.

What's also interesting to us is that she cites my List of Our Octopuses when mentioning that wild caught "dwarf" octopuses are becoming popular aquarium pets!

I know you have been very generous with making several super helpful articles available when you can, any chance there is an open link to this paper or at least the information. There is so little published on the dwarfs :cry: (
Although I am not permitted to post the article on a website, anyone who wants it is free to email me to request a pdf reprint. Usually a journal holds the copyright to a paper, so authors sometimes can't post it, but we can distribute pdf reprints to colleagues for personal use.

The paper presents four species descriptions based on a collection I didn't make, so alas there's no information on live animals/live photographs. It gives illustrations of anatomy, taxonomic discussions, and habitat info.

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