Need ocotpus indentification


Pygmy Octopus
Sep 23, 2006
Ordered a octopus a couple of weeks ago and it finally came in today. I tried to order a bimaculoides but also said I would take anyone that is somewhat similar (since its like impossible to get one of any species around where I live). Anyways, Im not really sure what Kind I obtained. It has brownish coloring with white/tanish coloring on the front of its face which makes somewhat of a V going from the eyes to the arms. According to the store it was only labled Atlantic octopus when it arrived. Ill try to get a picture but its making a den under some rocks atm. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hello Ben, and welcome to your new octopus!

Where do you live - in the US or elsewhere? That helps us figure out which species it might be.

It would also help if you could post pics of your octopus.

Does it have a name yet? I'll add it to the List of Our Octopuses.

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Thanks Nancy, I live In Richmond Virginia. Haven't thought of a name yet, trying though.
Heres a picture of him/her. Couldn't really get a good pic, its been hiding most of the time.
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I haven't noticed eyespots. Its been pretty active during the day and somewhat during the night. it might be a little too early to say but I would have to say diurnal.
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If you are seeing him/her during the day, there is a high chance it is not a nocturnal species (unless it is approaching the end of its natural life and doing what I have been calling its 'final walk' but you would see it most of the time if my observations and reading hold true). You might try encouraging your supplier to tell you if his supplier imports or provides East Coast critters. If the octo is from Florida the current behavior suggests Vulgaris.

Here is a link to a slide show of some of the critters I saw at Mote during TONMOCON II. There are several shots of their vulgaris pair. There are also a few more shots of these two in the TONMOCON II forum.

Photo and Video Storage | Photobucket
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Does the color vary from octo to octo? if not then I don't think it is. Has some different coloring and the arms look a little different.


Edit: and thanks for all the help
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That really is a nice Cassis (the octopus sure likes it!). If, as Denise says, it is O. vulgaris, then it is rather juvenile and you have a good 6 months of interaction with it (and a big food bill). Unfortunately I don't know these foreign octopus well enough to comment on identification.
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Color is not a good indicator most of the time since even my little Mercs can camo to their surroundings (the Rubens is an exception). The percent of web to leg length, consistent spots or stripes, the ability to change skin texture and the afore mentioned eye spots seem to be the most used features.

If you look at the beginnings of some of the octo threads you will probably get a better idea on the varience of time before your pet "trusts" you. The one thing I think seems to be consistent is that the younger they are, the more time it takes. The thought is only an impression without actually looking up reportings.
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