Nautilus for sale on eBay??!!

Jan 20, 2006
Posted by Julie Buttercup at Enero 19, 2006 07:35 PM

There is a nautilus for sale on eBay with no care instructions at all! You can't just throw these things in a salt water tank and expect them to live.. and the seller makes no effort to make sure the buyer knows how to care for one. In the Q&A it says you should have at least a "50 gallon tank" which is not nearly enough. This is very cruel.

Also, the nautilus appears to have a large crack in its shell.. probably from swimming into the walls of a too small aquarium..

I sent a complaint to the seller and reported the item to ebay (it's not allowed to sell animals other than tropical fish and snails) and I would like it if all of you did the same so that hopefully this will be taken down.

This is the link to report a violation, and it's item number 7738264712.

Please report it!!! This shouldn't happen to the poor nautilus...

Here are the questions about this item...

Q: what temperature is the water it is in?

A: The temperature it is currently in is at 72 degrees F, but can be kept at normal aquarium reef temps. of 76-78 degrees F. Salinity is at 1.022, and is being hand-fed silversides. Thank you.

Q: ok i have one more question if this dose not sell are you going to relist it.i have a 90 gallon tank that has been running for a while and it is a fish only tank. also what other fish ir invertaries do you have for sell

A: Yes, we will relist it and still have more chambered nautiluses available. For your info, invertebrates are saltwater sensitive animals, meaning if your tank cannot handle invertebrates due to chemicals added for your fishes, then the Chambered Nautilus WOULD NOT SURVIVE. We will soon list other inverts like the feather starfishes, skunk cleaner shrimps, blue-line neon sea slugs, octopuses, hard & soft corals; fishes like stingrays, triggerfishes, damsels, gobies, clownfishes, angelfishes, tangs, butterflyfishes, etc. These all depends on the demand by bidders. What are YOU specifically looking for?? Thanks for your interest.

Q: im sure you might have said this in your info but i was wondering what size tank do you need

A: Just a friendly reminder, this auction is for an experienced saltwater invertebrate hobbyist. The minimum size tank that would be appropriate for a Chambered Nautilus would be a 50 gallon or larger tank, 2 or more feet deep, 2 or more feet wide. Lighting & heating would not be as necessary, it's a deep water animal. If you have an established reef tank w/ fishes & shrimps (they might be eaten once acclimated to tank) and not have enough space for it to roam, this is not for you. Thank you

Oh sure, keep it at 72 or even 78!!!:mad: Most aquariums keep them at least at 60-65 F.
Thanks for the this link. I too reported it is a violation. This is so wrong and seems to be a continuing trend. This is just like the mimic that was being sold last year. That poor Nautilus did not look in very good condition and the advice he was given was not correct. I would hope something like this is against ebay regulations.

There is no reason to mislead people just to make a few sheckles (sp?). The way I have understood handling these people is the blast them with emails and to let ebay know whats going on. this person should be flogged at dawn!:mad:
There are a lot of problems with ebay. A friend of mine bought a stephen king signed 1st edition that turned out to be a fake. I can't imagine buying an animal from ebay because the oppurtunity for fraud is too easy. wonderpuss ain't real or if real should'nt be sold
It could be real and I do think there are aquarists out there that could keep one alive. It is not always the sellers job to educate the public. You have to be a smart consumer and do your research. This aquarium industry thing is massive hey. You can get anything if you have the will and the MONEY. Wholesalers write out wish lists for everything from lfs to public aquaria and aquaculture. Fish bounce around the world so much who knows what really came from who and was caught how...

Not taking any sort of side here. Just my opinion. But enlighten me please before I make a tool of myself.... is it illegal to keep one of these spiral pusses?

Because If I ever had the chance to aquire one for a 6X2X2 I'd be stoked!!!
That add was very pro by the way... it had instructions enough. If you aint with the program it will die. If you are it's a bargain.
Swarvegorilla said:
That add was very pro by the way... it had instructions enough. If you aint with the program it will die. If you are it's a bargain.

BS. Advising that one can survive at reef temperatures at 1.022 is criminal. A certain death sentence for that animal. Great for the seller, because maybe they'll buy another one.

That ad is anything but professional. Its a juxtaposition of unrelated "facts" googled off the internet and put together to make the seller seem knowledgeable while overlooking all the real information that someone would need to keep one. If you think that ad was professional, you've been spending too much time around used car and timeshare salesmen.

Ok... so it was like 3am when i wrote that or something.
Point I meant was that the ad does try to warn you, if you are not seriously into this hobby you don't have a chance.
The add didn't try teach you, it tried to warn you. If you don't already know your shit it's dead. As we all know in this hobby, even if you do know your shit it is probably dead anyway.... just takes longer is all.

But yea it ain't me selling the thing, was just pointing out that heck at least ya got a warning of how tricky they are. So many things in the marine trade that just never survive in tanks. With crap all of them do ya get a warning.

It could have been a LOT worse. DO your own homework dude. Never trust a seller completely ever, and if they say it's tricky listen to them. Well I guess you already know its tricky.... but why nobody just posted a question about salt levels on the add I don't know. I mean that would have helped maybe.....

I don't slag off people in other areas of the internet just because some other people do. That leads to emotion and war. If I wanted to sook I'd bitch about wholesalers and moorish idols or coral eating nudibranchs or all the types of butterflys that never live.
All you have to do is vote with your wallet. Be informed.
Do you think this is the same person???
This seller's name is imageneation2. The Nautilus seller is imageneation1.


I am emailing ebay about this item too.
Ignorant of your local laws hey but if it is dodgy you would probably get better results with your fisheries people.
And as a cheap side note.... you can usually get cheaper octopus than that if you can find a restraunt that cooks live ockys. Rescue from the human feeder tank as it were....
it's so weird... with the information he's providing i don't think he really knows how to keep them alive well and i doubt he breeds them. i wonder if he traps them.
now that crosses a boundry, he is not only putting the animals life in jeprody, but now he is risking the life of anyone who bids on it, especialy without any warning of the blue rings fatal bite.

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