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Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
One of my coworkers handed me the Feb. 07 issue and inside was a quite nice article on octopuses. One of the photos even showed an octopus with some legos. They were saying how different in personality they all are and the different tests they had done to distinguish different characteristics. I had hope the website would have a link to the article, but unfortunately you need to subscribe.
Thanks for the note. I found that if you go to the Table of Contents - second picture - There is a short article entitled, "Of Arms and the Brain" (also on the top link as with a few on-line references.

Most have been posted but the video of the octopus that you can't see until the camera is immediately in front of it is also played backwards in slow motion and gives an intresting perspective.

There is also a great video of a mimic that I had not seen

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