Name that octopus!!

Sep 10, 2006
Hello all!
The more I look at photos and videos on this page,the more unsure I am that my little Vigo is the Vulgaris that I was told he was.
Here are a couple of pictures that I took while he figured out how to open his dinner. One thing that they don't show is that he does flash false eyespots when he jumps on his food.
Most of the time he's hanging out in the mouth of his cave and his coloring is a light grey. He does seem to prefer when just the red lights are on-so I'm thinking nocturnal.
Please somebody help me figure out what he is.


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im having the same problem with mine... when sleeping looks just like a briarieus and can even kindof do the green shine. when crawling and active looks just like a vulgaris and when angry and and hungry looks orange and brown mottled with bright blue suckers... i dont know. im still believing that its a vulgaris though
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I've been watching the videos on this page of Vulgaris and they seem to have very little webbing. My Vigo has a fair amount as the pictures show. His coloring really doesn't seem to match any thing that I've seen. I would really like to know exactly what species he is.
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I guess it can get frustrating, but just remember that there are over 150 species of octopuses existing and Briareus, Vulgaris, Bimacs, and Dwarfs aren't the only ones that could end up in your tank.

The species you guys have just could be something totally different but still lives around the areas it was captured in.
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Thanks Shipposhack,I couldn't agree more. I was just checking out a webpage that makes me think he just may be a vulgaris after all. There are several pics on it that sure do look like my Vigo.
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It could possibly be vulgaris, but you've said it hardly ever matches its surroundings. I love the mottled patterns it has, but I usually see most vulgaris species having their own type of color and they usually always appear neutral of some sort...or more plain like a dark purple, grey w/ little texture and perfect sized limbs. You never know though, it could depend on were the vulgaris came from. They live all around the world. The ones near Japan and the Mediterranean all look alike.

OCTOPUS VULGARIS/ vulgaris01.jpg vulgaris02.jpg
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