My trip to Seawater Express(pics) &my baby bimac


Blue Ring
Feb 3, 2003
Well, it looks like George beat me to it but I thought I tell you guys about my trip up to Pahrump for a visit to Seawater Express. To give you guys a little back history I have been using there shrimp as my main cephalopod food source for about 8 months now. I was calling him up to tell him that I needed another order because I have gotten new octopus after my last one laid eggs and died :frown: and during the conversation he informed me that he obtained a wild caught bimac that was about to get ether sucked up into a saltwater tank or flushed onto the beach :shock: . Immediately I knew I had to head up there to get a good look at this guy for my own so we arranged a date and off I went this last Sunday. While there he gave me tour of the operation and his large 135 gallon tank whish has a healthy and rather large bimac. I have included pictures of his 500 gallon refugium, his massive shrimp bins “there huge” and off course both his and my octo.
These files are all over one meg "sorry I dont have the software for reduction" just goto these urls.

Oh BTW to give you an idea for the size of his Bimac that shrimp is about six inches long on the last picture.

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