My Octopus

Dec 16, 2005
Laie, Hawaii
I got my octopus this morning from He's pretty little. I dripped him for an hour and a half and now's he's movin' around my tank. He started flashing colors right when I put him in. Then after watching him for several minutes, I picked up the camera slowly and he changed dark brown and put his mantle up and pointy. They tricked me by putting a black bag around him; I thought he inked!

Pictures are dark so I need to make them lighter, but I will post some soon.

I believe Animal Mother's guess of O. Filosus, the Caribbean two-spot Octopus, is correct.
Welcome to your new octopus! :welcome:

I've added him to the List of Our Octopuses, and will update the list as soon as you think of a name.

Many of the octopuses ordered online are coming in quite small, just like yours. You need appropriately sized food and places to hide, which I assume you have.
He seems to be off to a good start.

Thanks :smile:

Yeah I have Astrea and Mexican Turbo snails to feed him. I also have several hermits of various sizes and a couple emerald crabs. The light is off all day and I still find myself squinting to follow him around. I keep telling myself that he has to be hungry (because I want him to be) and whenever he goes by a snail I think "He's gonna get this one!", and of course he doesn't. Arm to arm, he's about the size my serpent star is arm to arm.
shipposhack;99170 said:
I believe Animal Mother's guess of O. Filosus, the Caribbean two-spot Octopus, is correct.

Told ya :razz:

Cool little guy, huh?

Mine hasn't touched any of the snails or hermits in her tank. Offer something by hand or on a stick and let it grab ahold.

Sorry about the quality. Our camera isn't very good and it was dark. Had to put ISO on 400 (max) which is why it's so grainy. I will get some better pictures tomorrow.


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shipposhack;99177 said:
Yeah he's definitely cool. Can't wait til the lights come on tomorrow. What have you fed yours? I was hoping I would be able to feed turbos.

So far mine's accepted thawed silversides and shrimp. If yours has a personality anything like mine, you should be able to hold some near it until it takes the food.
Yeah, frozen raw Tiger Shrimp. They come in bags of 50-60 for about $15. This last bag we bought has some monster shrimp in it. I only offer small pieces as she doesn't eat all of what she takes. I have other fish that eat the rest so it doesn't go to waste. I don't know how well the uneaten portion would keep after its thawed out so you might try to find frozen raw Popcorn Shrimp.
AWWWWW.....He's very cute...Don't panic if you don't see him eating the first day as he might be full from a meal before shipping. And I'm real glad to see you are not using the flash! Name yet?
Thanks. I'm not panicing I just am excited to watch him hunt. No, although I watched him almost the whole time I've been home today (in the dark lol), I still am going to wait until I can see him in the open for a little bit. Right now I think he's found his den and kicked out the serpent star that found it to be a nice home.
He tried to eat a turbo snail today. He couldn't break the snail open. He tried twice; the first time for about a minute and the second for 15 seconds. I think he got discouraged after that. Wouldn't go after any of the smaller stuff either. I bought him some frozen shrimp from Albertsons and put one in. I put it in his arms and he took it right away. Turned pale and ate it for 20-30 minutes. I thought it might be fun to watch so I waited until my brother and his girlfriend and some of her family came over to feed him. It was not fun to watch. He just sat there pale. When he was done he spat it out, immediately changed to his regular orange and purple/blue color and walked around. He seems to like the glass a lot. When he gets angry he turns dark black and white. I think I'm going to feed him every other day for now, unless he acts hungry.

Still no name yet. I contributed a few pictures of him to the gallery.
I am naming him Kaleidoscope. I'm sure most of you have seen my thread in octopus care about his eye. I hope this doesn't mean he is near the end of his life or that it will disable him at all or spread. So far he doesn't seem to act like he cares very much about it.

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