my octo


Feb 23, 2004
hi all,

haven't been on in a while and wanted to give you an up date. for the last 3 or 4 days my octo was acting a little strange, he was hanging around the top of the tank a lot and wasn't eating. I kinda knew it was comming, when I got home today he was laying on the bottom. :cry: I've had him just about 11 months, and I think I gave him a real good home, but as we all know they don't live very long. I will say this, out of all three of my salt water tanks his was my favorite, and now I will re arange the tank a little and clean up and then order another one soon. hope all is well with every one, and I'll up date you when I get another.

Sort of a "candle in the wind" lifestyle they have, isn't it? 11 months is a respectable amount of time, and I am sure you had a blast...once you have an octo, it is hard to pay much attention to other animals...

Sorry about your loss...but look forward to your next ceph!
Hi Ross,

Very sorry for you loss, but you did very well to keep your octo so long.
Too bad their lives are so short. :sad:

Glad you're thinking of getting another.

again, well done on the 11 months, keep us up to date when you get another

wow sorry for your loss you should think about getting a cuttlefish that would be cool any info I sould now about the octo before I get one I'v read threads and webpages about them its a pain to get the wright info thats why I came hear to talk to all of you

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