My Octo has Arrived


Jul 27, 2004
Yesterday he (Megas) showed up via DHL from Octopets.
I was amazed at the callous treatment given him by the DHL Driver. He pulled it out of the back flipped it over several times while i stand with my mouth hanging open. Almost throws me the box. grrr. I gently take the box and glare at the DHL guy until he leaves.
I get inside i open the box in a Dark corner of the room and behold the MONSTER that has arrived. he is HUGE bigger than my hand. i was astonished at his size i thought he would be sooo much smaller. he is in a relxed position despite his mistreatment. in the center of the bag a molted brown and tan with his arms curled around him and flatend.
I call the children over and they all come and say high to Megas.
i then put the children to work moving the clams from the box to the sump tank.
I Spend an hour acclimating him at the rate of 1 cup of water every 15 min.
He is very much wanting to hit the road and attempts to climb out of the bag several times. He even grabbed my finger and held on to it for several seconds.
at the end of the hour i place the entire bag in my tank and let it sink to the bottom. Once on the bottom Megas exits the bag and makes a bee line for the castle ( I have a 2 ft high 4ft wide Medival castle i bought at the LFS) he craws into the saftey of the under castle caves and does the old periscope the eyes at me to see if its safe. he then spends 3 hours touching every thing in the tank. and spooks up some life forms i didnt even know where in there. the Crabs are IMMEDIATLY aware that a top line predator is in the tank. i have never seen so much defensive mannerisms in any of my creatures before. Megas continues to slide around and through the rocks changing shape and color as he goes. he got all spiney and then all smooth and then all nubbly. Just before my wife got home he settled down and staked out a position in the uppermost region of the castle and stopped moving.
my wife arrives home at 5 pm and then Megas does not move again till 1 am.
My wife waits him out though. after 6 hours of sitting motionless on the couch she finnaly spots him. she wakes me up and i come to view him again. this time he is in hunt mode with dark brown color with white streaks. every thing is fine until he reaches a spot of glass in the front cornor that is clear of algea. He then spots himslef in the reflection. He zipps around a little making aggrressive overtones at his reflection until he realizes that the Octo in the mirror means buisness and he shoots away from the glass at full speed and disappears into the rocks again.
this morning i came out and found one of my Emerald Matrix crabs a husk of his former self.
So one day down hopefully 365+ more just like it.

Judging by his size i would estimate this is a January hatchling perhaps febuary.
Well, quite a good first day with your new bimac! So welcome to Megas! :smile:

Please continue to keep us informed and some pics would be nice. You can post them under Ceph Care, the Journals and Photos forum.

The castle sounds quite impressive - must be a big tank!

What a great read on Megas first day and arrival!!! I could picture all he was up to!!! Looking forward to the pics!!! Lots of luck for a long long life with you!!!

wow inspireing lots of fun reading that cant wait till the pics come how long did it take to get your shipment Iv heard octopets has had some problems
Congratulations!!! and, an hearty "I agree" about DHL...I used to use them for shipping longer ! Too many mistakes ! It is well worth the extra ten bucks to use Fedex...glad your octo arrived alive and in good spirits !!!


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