my new guy

Dec 15, 2007
just wanted to share a few pics of my new guy.not the best pics but here he is.


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I've read alot about octos curling thier tenticals and it meaning their close to that what I'm seeing in the last pic of my first post?because he is doing it right now,but he is against the glass again.
not necessarily, many times they curl it without meaning they are near death. If the octo were to stay outside, without moving, or moving in a lethargic manner with the curled arms, the there would be reason to worry.
They certainly normally curl a lot, so it's not automatically something to worry about. I think the most dangerous sign is when they curl like a corkscrew and dangle, not so much what's shown in that picture. Sorry, I can't find a picture right now...
thank you;that's good news.this guy has been fun and I've only had him for 4 days,i would hate to lose him so soon.he has aproximately a 3.5" mantle and his arms are about 6".is that about adult size?
Your octopus is still young - if it's a briareus, like we think, it's mantle may grow another inch and a half, and the arms double in length.


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