My First Octopus!!!


Jul 7, 2003
Talked to my LFS, he will call me when he is able to order and octo for me, he did say he would be able to get a blue ring, but i shuned him away from that idea. Ill add the post to this site when he gives me a call, and when i pick it up.
make sure you ask as much as you can about the octopus. especially where it came from??? This will go a long as far as getting an ID for it...

do you not fancy one of the captive bred bimacs? That way you know what you are getting, its age and also it is a diurnal species.
Well, i would much rather get a tank-raised octo, he will be calling me with all the info he can get on it before he orders, so ill be able to let him know i dont want it if it is cought from the wild. Untill he calls, i continue reading, learning as much as possable before i have to go get it. I would order one myself off the internet, but im only 16, and dont have a credit card. My parents are not big fans of the internet, and dont trust it. If the LFS one dont go so well, ill test my tank again, and see if i cant get a phone number from a site to call and order through the phone, because thats what i had to do for my paintball gun.
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