[Multimedia]: TONMO.com Screen Saver


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May 30, 2000
Onwijs.com now offers a free TONMO.com screen saver for your home PC:

TONMO.com Screen Saver -- .zip file

Just download the file and unzip it, and follow instructions from there. When you leave your PC for a while, you'll come back to find complacent octopuses darting across your screen, with a watermark of the TONMO.com logo in the upper right corner. Cool! Thanks Remco!
I like it. It's great fun.

Love the expresion on the octos face!
Someone must have posted that before somewhere as that was the one that i have had on my PC for the last few months :smile:
EXCEPT it now has a cool TONMO.com logo! 8)
I also have that 'Live Archi' pic on my screen.... you know, the one everyone was so excited about... add the octos and its a killer combo!
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